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Who were the pyramids builders?

Written By: CK Quarterman - Jul• 31•11

Great Pyramid

The Internet is abuzz with the news about new findings in the Great Pyramid on Egypt‘s Giza Plateau. It has been reported that strange markings have been found inside what many of the news reports have been calling a “secret tunnel“. The secret has been what is in the tunnel, and where it leads.

The mystery involves some strange hieroglyphic-type markings found inside the tunnel. They are done in red paint, and are found on the floor of the tunnel and on the walls. The tunnel has only been explored by a robot with a camera mounted on it.

The hieroglyphic-type markings are yet to be understood, although we understand normal Egyptian hieroglyphics from when the pyramids were supposed to have been built. Egyptians cannot decode these hieroglyphs from inside the very pyramid they say was built during the reign of Pharaoh Khufu. This would seem to raise the possibility that while these markings are a language, they are not Egyptian, but much older meaning the pyramid builders were not Egyptians!

Who were the pyramid builders? The Nephilim of course…..

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