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Website Review: The Josh B Files

Written By: CK Quarterman - Feb• 18•12

Let me ask all Christians, “What is Deception?” For a few minutes, dare to challenge yourself with the following.

Is there one thing you’ve perceived as fictional your entire life – something so far from the realm of reality that even the suggestion of it bearing truth is inconceivable? In fact, part of your personal faith is built on the fact that, whatever this one thing is, cannot be true. It simply doesn’t fit into the Bible and God would not allow such a thing.

Now let me ask you this, what if one day out of the blue, this ‘thing’ manifests in front of you as tangible matter.

In an instant, your paradigm would be shattered – reality questioned.

“Since this doesn’t fit into the Bible, and God would not allow such a thing, there must be no God!”

The Scenario of the coming ‘alien’ invasion – the great falling away of faith: The Great Deception.

In my daringness to step out and deal with topics others have refused to address, the Lord has blessed me in amazing ways. I’m no prophet, no watchman, just an ordinary clay pot marked with imperfections…with a desire to wake up the saints.








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