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Watchers – Fallen Angels

Written By: CK Quarterman - Oct• 13•11
Adam and Eve

Watchers Were in the Garden

Watchers are the Fallen Angels and the “sons of god”, also known as the BeneyElohim

Now the serpent was in the Garden of Delight as well as the Beney Elohim. These “sons of God” (Beney ‘Elohim) had access to the garden and were known to Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve were familiar with these other worldly beings known as gods, and they were spectacular creatures to behold in their goings and comings; the serpent used these spectacular beings to tempt Adam. These beings were at first called “Watchers.”

The Watchers were humanoids, composed of a physical and spiritual nature. They are specific angels given charge to watch over humanity. Watchers ( Angels) originally were physical, but they attained ascension and immortally upon their home world sometime in the vast eons past and were given by God the ability to convert themselves to energy for interstellar travel.

The Watchers undertook the task at God’s command to observe the inhabitants of the Earth, but this undertaking would eventually lead to the downfall of some of them. Each Watcher possessed vast mental, physical, and energy-manipulating powers. They had the power to manipulate energy even in the electromagnetic spectrum.


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