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How tall were Achilles, Ajax, and Orestes? The heroes (Nephilim) of Greek Mythology?

Written By: CK Quarterman - Aug• 15•11
The heroes (Nephilim) of Greek Mythology

The heroes (Nephilim) of Greek Mythology

In his work Heroikos,

(“On Heroes”, ca. AD 230), Philostratus the Lemnian  addresses the general belief that ancient heroes averaged more than 12 feet – in height. Philostratus mentions, as an empirical evidence for giant heroes, the findings of enormous bones in the places where the heroes’ tombs were traditionally assumed to lie.

On the basis of the sizes of these bones, Philostratus states that, for instance, Orestes – one of Agamemnon ‘s children – reached 10 feet; Ajax – king of Salamis and a principal character in Homer’s Iliad – was not less than 15 feet tall; and Achilles – the great warrior of the Trojan war, mentioned in the Iliad was a hugh 33 feet in height.

The second-century AD Greek geographer Pausanias described the excitement that surrounded the supposed discovery of the bones of Ajax. According to the Iliad, Ajax’s grave was at Rhoeteum, where the Greek ships had landed to attack Troy. Bones of heroic dimensions were found and people took them to be the remains of Ajax. An eyewitness explained to Pausanias how the sea had washed out the beach, revealing a jumble of big bones. “Ajax’s kneecaps were exactly the size of a discus for the boy’s pentathlon,” wrote Pausanias. A boy’s discus was about five or six inches across.

Going by that, we can extrapolate that Ajax was around 14 – 16 feet tall ! Elsewhere in the Iliad, Homer remarks that the Heroes of which he sings were huge men, able to lift and hurl stones that 10 men of his day would struggle to lift! The Iliad suggests that Ajax was a huge man, who “towered above the rest of the Argives” and second in prowess only to the legendary Achilles.

The earliest records we have for Homer’s “writings” are around 800 BC – and the Iliad is set traditionally between 1194 to 1184 BC – but some have it earlier at 1250 BC. Either way, Homer sings of a time at least 4 centuries before his own. About the era of the Judges in ancient Israel… right up to the last of the Philistine giants which David and his men killed, including the well-known Goliath. However, Goliath at barely 9 was a pygmy compared to the Greek/Trojan heroes!

The Iliad suggests that the Greek heroes after the death of Achilles vied for his armor. It would make sense that those who vied for it wanted to wear it, so the other Greek heroes must have been of comparable height – although the Iliad does suggest at one point that Achilles was taller even than Ajax by far! Interestingly, all of these Heroes – Trojan and Greek – were inter-related! Significantly, every one of these Hero bloodlines has a Nephilim or Fallen Angel (god) as a progenitor – often Zeus or Poseidon (his brother).


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