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The Nephilim Agenda Behind Fallen Angels

Written By: CK Quarterman - Oct• 22•11


In both the Gospel of Matthew and the Gospel of Luke, Jesus tells the disciples that in the last days it will be on the earth again like it was in the “days of Noah.”  We know that in Noah’s day the earth was filled with sin, iniquity and licentiousness that deeply grieved the Lord.  But we also read in Genesis 6 that in the days of Noah there were giants the lived on the earth.  These giants, or “Nephilim” in the Hebrew, are believed to be the offspring of earthly women and fallen angels as seems to be indicated in Genesis 6:4.

God has been restraining the reappearance of the angelic “”sons of God”  who sinned with the daughters of men. The end time in this sense is a restoration of Noah’s Day (Mat 24:37) in its major features. God will stop restraining their appearance in our realm (2 Thess 2:6).

They or their children the Nephilim will disguise themselves as UFO aliens and preach they seeded life and guided its progress on earth, thus hoping to make all religions obsolete. These do the miracles the antichrist and his false prophet require to gain control over the earth.

If we are in, or are approaching the last days as foretold by Jesus, does that mean we should be on the look out for these Nephilim again?  And if so, just what exactly are these Nephilim?  How will we recognize them?  And what is their purpose?

Fallen angels don’t have wings, and they don’t look any different than any other person (if clothed). However, there children the Nephilim or their children the Elouid share giantism and Polydactyly (six fingers or six toes). There are some today that testify that the Fallen Angels are striving to weed out this genetic trait. Five women came forward recently and said that they had had sex with fallen angels.

What did Enoch see when he saw two hundred fallen angels descend upon Mt. Harmon in the days of Jarad?

In the ancient text of first Enoch (Chapter 85) you would only know a fallen angel by the size of his privy member. “And I looked at them and saw, and behold they all let out their privy members, like horses, and began to cover the cows of the oxen, and they all became pregnant and bare elephants, camels, and asses.” Hence, we see that fallen angels only differ from humans in the appearance of their privy member, so clothed they would look like any one else.

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