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Nephilim Ooparts- Gobekli Tepe Turkey – 9,000 Years Old

Gobekli Tepe Was Built Before Humans Knew How to Grow Food About 9,000 Years Ago! Around 1960s, people in Turkey found an ancient buried complex composed of huge stone pillars arranged in a circle like Stonehenge, some of them 30 feet tall. Except they were older than Stonehenge … 6,000 years older.   Having been […]

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ANCIENT PRE-ADAMITE HIGH TECHNOLOGY ANTEDILUVIAN Could a Pre-Flood world, or Pre-Adamite world have existed, if so is there any evidence of such a time? Pre-Adamite or Pre-adamism is the belief that a civilization existed before Adam, the first human being named in the Bible. Perhaps one of the most extraordinary theological concepts in the Bible […]

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Ancient Cave Paintings of Nephilim and Fallen Angels

Cave paintings of Nephilim children of Fallen Angels and the Daughters of Adam   Why did ancient-man need to live in caves? Were they afraid of their world? Their observations of the world outside was left to us in the paintings of their caves from the many genetic-monstrosities created by the fallen angels mating with […]

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