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There was Once an Angelic Civilization on Mars

Cydonia Throughout the years, there have been quantities of remarkable pictures that have made their way to the public, proving intelligent life had existed on Mars. I have been convinced, for a long time, that Mars was the home to an ancient, but destroyed Angelic Civilization. Most of the photos have been dismissed as tricks […]

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Scientists Find Evidence of Home of Fallen Angels

Scientists Find Evidence of a Giant Planet (Rahab) That Existed in Solar System This Planet was Home to the Fallen Angels and Lucifer. The consensus among astronomers, according to the Daily Mail today is that the solar system has always had four giant planets – Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Uranus. But now it’s thought that […]

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Lucifer the First Fallen Angel

Many eons, ago on the planet Rahab, evil was birthed in the heart of its ruler the Lucifer. Lucifer ruled the realm from a stone of fire (planet) called Rahab. This evil was not pride, as is often thought, but a much more malevolent emotion. To the simple minded, the sin of pride will suffice, […]

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