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What is a Fallen Angel

Bad Angels A Fallen Angel is an angel (Heb 1:14 -ministering spirit), which has been exiled or banished from Heaven because of their exercise of free choice who irrevocably rejected God. It is the unalterable character of their choice, and not an imperfection in the infinite divine mercy, which makes the angels’ sin unforgivable. There […]

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The War is Real

  The war is real! The forces of the fallen angels have been warring against mankind since the dawn of history. The fallen angels themselves have been called by many names, but names fall short in describing their malevolence. The fallen angels are fallen angles sometimes incorrectly called demons. The Dark Prince is Lucifer, and […]

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Before Time – The Ancient of Days

Before Time there was just…….. The Ancient of Days and the Logos were in the beginning. He, the Logos, created all things. The Logos is not a created being, but was in existence with the Ancient of Days before there was even an everlasting. The evil players are the Prince and Dark Lords who themselves […]

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