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UFO reports skyrocket in first weeks of 2012. Could this be an Invasion of Fallen Angels ?

Has it Begun – Full Disclosure ? As 2012 begins, reports of UFO’s received by MUFON the Mutual UFO Network have streamed in from around the world as many have witnessed strange objects in the sky. The worldwide abundance of digital devices makes it easier than ever to photograph extraordinary objects in the sky. During […]

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Good or Bad UFO’s

Good angles or bad angels, how can one know from which the encounter originates?   And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. (2Co 11:14) God‘s messengers always act within the confines of God’s Word, that is, their actions and the results of their actions are always Biblically, Lawfully, consistent. […]

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Exposing the Deception & Danger Behind the UFO-Alien Phenomenon

Exposing the Deception & Danger Behind the UFO-AlienPhenomenon: Are Aliens–UFOs extraterrestrial or inter-dimensional? Do aliens really come from other far away planets or does the scientific evidence disprove this theory? Are Aliens demonic & fallen angelic spirit beings? Are these space brothers, demons, fallen angels, ascended masters, and aliens all one and the same? If […]

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