Pyramids as Portals

The pyramids are possible ‘stargates’ that open portals and allow fallen angels to come through. Of course they appear as UFO’s, but we know they are masquerading as angels of light. The pyramids are pointed toward the constellations of Orion and Pleiades. The Lord speaks about them in Job 38:31. All the new age guru’s claim to be in contact with entities from the constellations of Orion and Pleiades. Is it possible that the Lord has kept these entities from harming us on an extreme level until now, even with all the rituals taking place on a grand scale? We see so many evil acts/rituals happening on our planet, with little restraint. In the end days we are told that “Angels” will be loosed from certain places. During the judgment of the Watchers (guilty of transgressions before the flood), some of these angels were bound to places within the earth in the deepest hell. While others to outer space or heavenly places? Some researchers believe [Job 38:31] that the Lord bound these angels to the seven stars – The Pleiades. We know the New Age religions are channeling these entities. These entities claim that they reside in Orion/Pleiades, claiming a ‘New Golden Age’ is about to begin [occult new age lies]. The new agers, have done there due diligence and are awaiting there messiah, while the church is fast asleep!

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