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Alien Abduction – Abduction by Fallen Angels

2% of Americans claim to have had an abduction experience. That seems small until you you do the math. That number is 7 MILLION people.   The terms alien abduction describe “subjectively real memories of being taken secretly against one’s will by entities and subjected to complex physical and psychological procedures. Typical claims involve being […]

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Truth must be sought.

First and foremost, truth must be sought, apprehended, and cuddled tightly to the chest like a childhood toy. Held tightly and refused to be let go. Truth must dwell in an open mind, not one closed by political correctness. Many of us presume to know truth, but in reality we do not. Truth is hidden! […]

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As the Days of Noah

Return of the Days of Noah Demonic (fallen angels) entities, are masquerading as “aliens”. They are in fact taking people to create Nephilim hybrids. Other authors besides myself are saying this. Below I have quoted Berry Chmish and Jacques Vallee. Barry Chamish, in his book Return of the Giants, has documented phenomena occurring in Israel […]

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