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Watchers and Grigori

Watchers and Grigori are Fallen Angels Watchers are first mentioned in Dan 4:13 where they are seen in a vision. Other mentions of “Watchers” are in the Dead Sea Scrolls and Pseudepigrapha. Watchers are also mentioned in the Book of Jubilees and in Slavonic Enoch (2 Enoch 18) where they are called the “Grigori” (egregoroi) […]

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Fallen Angels and Nephilim are Alive and Well on the Earth

What would modern day Nephilim look like? In my opinion, a modern day Nephilim would look very much like a human being, certainly they would have a humanoid form. They are currently exposing themselves to countless masses of people. The truth is they do not exist just in history, or in an author’s fertile mind. […]

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