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Speak with author CK Quarterman of Fallen Angels: Giants, UFO Encounters, and the New World Order.     We now have one call in number (it won’t change) and no other numbers are needed to join our Group call in and to speak with me. This is our number for Thursday at 8:00 pm each […]

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Mankind has always deceived itself.

Herd Mentality Most people think of themselves as individualists, as people who come to a conclusion based upon sound reason and the facts they are given, not because they are simply following other people or another person’s opinion. Most people see themselves as leaders when in fact they are followers. The sad fact is that […]

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Do Angels Fallen or otherwise have wings?

Yes and No Some angels such as cherubim and seraphim have wings, but normal angels do not. So why do we think they do? They best answer to this was given in the 4th century by John Chrysostom one of the earliest church fathers. He wrote, “They manifest a nature’s sublimity. That is why Gabriel […]

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