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Written By: CK Quarterman

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I happened to listen to the author, CK Quarterman about a week ago on the Clyde Lewis show. I was impressed, and the book was very reasonably priced, so I ordered it.

The book is relatively short and easily read within an afternoon (144 pages), but it is the type of book that one does not read in an hour. It truly is profound! It lays out the subject matter very nicely with many footnotes. It is well researched, and documented history of the Fallen Angels. Although, I am a Christian have studied the Bible and other spiritual writings extensively, Mr.Quarterman exposed information I had never heard of before, and gave many answers to questions that I had had regarding fallen angels, the UFO phenomena, The New World Order, Giants and Nephilim.

I will re-read this book,and make it part of my library! Because the information takes awhile to sink in and the topics so amazing I will turn to it repeatedly.

I would encourage any searcher of truth to read this book, and I highly recommend it.



I just completed the Kindle version of this wonderful book. I could not put it down. I found the book to be a very easy read and very educational. Mr. Quarterman had me on the end of my seat. A well documented history of the Fallen Angels. This is a great book for people interested in knowing who the Fallen Angels were. A must read for any Bible historian seeking the truth.



Author Quarterman has essential information to impart, and he doesn’t hold back. With forthrightness and integrity, Mr. Quarterman delivers the goods-whether his knowledge will be well received or rejected, a best-seller or a no-seller, he is like all prophets-determined to bring his message across, and let the recipients make of it what they will.

What is his message? The world-our world, Planet Earth, is in deep trouble, the worst the globe has experienced since just prior to The Flood. Under the rule of Lucifer and his Fallen Angels or Dark Lords, the conspiracy of evil works to destroy humanity and this planet. The author postulates some points I had never read: that Lucifer once ruled a planet in our solar system named Rahab, which was destroyed by God, resulting in the asteroid impacts on Earth, the Moon, and nearby planets. He also states that the creation of which we read in Genesis was actually a recreation of a planet nearly destroyed, without life, and underwater. He refers to the non-canonical Book of Enoch, and Jubilees, for further wisdom concerning the Fallen Angels, and their offspring via human females, the Nephilim (which Genesis calls “giants on the earth in those days.”) He further explains what the Fallen Angels intend, and why, and how their agenda is programmed to succeed-while the majority of humanity is either blind, or unaware, or doubtful.

This is a clearly-articulated, logically-presented book, with a very powerful message. According to the author, it is not a message any of us currently alive on Earth can afford to ignore, overlook, or reject.



This book by Mr. Quarterman is the most information on the fallen angels of Genesis 6 I have been able to find in one place.

This book reminds me of how we in the west are so intellectualized that we won’t see what is plainly written about what we can’t see, and how we reject anything that is outside of our “I know everything box”.

We have truly trusted “Church Fathers” more than the Holy Spirit who leads into all truth.

I am thankful Mr. Quarterman is willing to be foolish for the hope that someone will see where the plan of all the ages is taking us, he has in this book alarmed us and rightly so.

We must wake up from our slumber; “But the end of all things is at hand” 1 Peter 4:7A.

Great job sir!


Laura A

Captivating Read and Biblical Based

This book is for those who want to know the TRUTH! You will understand completely what it means to be living in a time simular to the “days of Noah” as was told by Jesus which describes what the last days would be like before the great tribulation takes place.

This book is wonderfully written and absolutely riveting with every page complete with Biblical based facts. It is very obvious that CK Quarterman placed a lot of time, effort and energy in his research. It grabbed my attention all the way through which caused me to finish it in one sitting.


Bible Study Now Institute

CK Quarterman has put together a remarkable record in his book, “Fallen Angels:  Giants, UFO Encounters, and the New World Order.”  He begins from the dawn of time, using both Biblical and Extra-biblical resources to piece together this cosmic war that has been raging since the dawn of time.  His work can best be summarized by the words of the Apostle Paul, “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places” (Ephesians 6:12).

While many commentators and Biblical Watchmen look at the rise of the New World Order from the perspective of powerful humans arising to power, Quarterman takes a step back and looks at the real beings that are led by “the god of this world,” Satan himself.  They are the real power brokers and money-changers and have always set their sights on thwarting the plan of God Almighty as declared in the Word of God.  The author gives a solemn wake-up call to all Christians everywhere to cast aside the chains and expose these rulers and their horrendous progeny for what they truly are.  We have been give power over them by the blood of our Savior on the Cross and through His resurrection, by which we have been redeemed, and by which we have received the self-same Holy Spirit that indwelled Him.

Mr. Quarterman gives one of the most detailed chapters on the One World Government which is quickly arising.  He turns back the clock and looks at quotes from many respected peoples, telling of the personas which really rule behind the scenes, from Congressmen to Senators to the Supreme Court, even to the Presidency.

This book is a must-read for any Watchman, especially in these perilous times!


Formal Book Review
Dr Wesley B Rose

Book Title: Fallen Angels: Giants, UFO Encounters and the New World Order

Fallen Angels is one of the very best works I have read on this subject. From primitive cave drawings that were interpreted as images of space visitors to a gaggle of theories on extraterrestrials, theories, speculations, and just sheer imagination, the multimedia have bombarded us ready to welcome any or all information that challenges the truth revealed to us in Genesis. In truth some of the fantastic ideas expounded on aliens, life on other planets, and of course visitations by aliens, have found their way into mainstream thinking at one level or another. Just the term UFO brings many images and thoughts to the young and the old alike. However, this imposition of science fiction (for true science would be able to demonstrate or show proof of such preposterous thinking) has unfortunately affected most people of today. It is fortunate for us that the author here presented (for us to enjoy) the type of thinking and sound conclusions that deserve recognition. It is so very difficult to find flaws in his reasoning and which is only surpassed by his knowledge of scripture. I would call Kim Quaterman an apologist in his own right with premises and thoughts that not only make sense but agree with the only source ever that is incontrovertible as the source of truth – indeed the only book ever written that is filled with nothing but truth straight from God.
The book takes a no nonsense look at the much publicized theories and testimonials about a subject that is confusing at best for the average person and poisonous to the Christian world-view, and delineates the real answers for what “alien visits” really are. Even more, wonderfully lucid explanation is given for how any why things such as witchery began. Many topics that have been tossed about debated and argued about for millennia are simply laid open to intelligent inspection and critique. And, unlike many so called scientific claims and theories, does not stop with finding the flaws in an argument but also provides answers based on critical thought and, well, (to most Christians) common-sense Biblical knowledge. Indeed this is one of the best treatments on this misunderstood subject that simply offers the most tangible and coherent explanations; a wok that Christians should read and discuss with friends and family. It underscores the need to teach others the truth and place far-fetched theories where they belong. Thank you for having the fortitude to meet delusion and anti-Christian philosophy head on. The term apologist is most applicable as is intelligent insight.

— Dr Ley

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