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Written By: CK Quarterman

Reviewed by: Brenda C. for Readers Favorite

This book not only delves into the topic of the end times, but also gives a very clear message that there is an unseen battle going on between God and Lucifer, and that God’s Host (angels) have been fighting this battle since almost the beginning of time. The author also explains how Lucifer and the fallen angels have affected humanity and warns that they are still among us.

This book was a very timely read for me, because it not only answered several questions that I had about the sons of God mentioned in Genesis but also led me on a Bible study about the fallen angels, and Nephilim and their relationship to Lucifer. It is written in plain language that makes it easy for anyone to understand. The author does an amazing job of helping the reader understand just who the fallen angels are, and how the Nephilim came to be. Not only that, he also explains how they are tied into today’s world. I had always had questions about these topics and the author provided answers for me. He also referred to the books of Enoch and Jubilees, two books I hadn’t heard of but have since purchased to continue my study.

This book is perfect for end time Bible study and would be great in a group setting. While it is a short book that can be read quickly, for me it is a book that I have picked up several times. Overall, this book is a keeper for me, and I intend to check out this author’s other books.


Over the past few years I have studied extensively the subject of the Fallen Angels and the Nephilim. I’ve researched, listened to and watched every video, read every book I could get my hands on about it, and made quite a few videos on the subject myself. When I picked up this book and began reading, I was fascinated. This was a book packed with information. CK Quarterman has outdone himself with his first book on the subject. It is an informative read, and I enjoyed every minute of it! It took me several days (which normally would have taken me less than one day) to read, but I took notes, lots of them, and I learned a lot from this one book.

The book covers the Fallen Angels of Genesis 6 as the “sons of god” who were angels which mated with human women creating a diabolical and evil offspring, the Nephilim. After reading this book you will have a better understanding of why God destroyed them in the Flood.

You will learn about the return of the Nephilim, and that we are, in fact, once again, living in the days of Noah. You will learn how they fit into end times prophecy. Could the Anti-Christ actually be a Nephilim? Who are the “aliens” and “star gods” of the ancient past? What is behind the UFO sightings and abductions today? Answers to these questions and more are found here in this book.


“Fallen Angels” by CK Quarterman, is one of the most provocative and interesting books I have read in a long time! The author brought to light many answers to questions that I have had regarding fallen angels, the UFO phenomena, The New World Order, Giants and Nephilim.

This subject has interested me for many years, however, with the fast approaching signs of the times, I had much interest in learning all that I could, and as I stated, the author certainly accomplished answering my questions well and then some! This book was one of those that is “hard to put down”, once you begin reading. Obviously Mr. Quarterman has done his research and has also a brilliant way of writing, so that the reader enjoys both the amazing topics, the historical research, and the call to all of us to be prepared.

I am recommending this book, “Fallen Angels” to all of my family and friends. I highly recommend it to you, the customer! You will not be disappointed, I promise!


I just finished reading the book (in one sitting). I found it captivating and well written. You’ve done your homework in your research. Some of it speculative yet plausible reasoning. Nephilim are certainly a subject I feel I know more about based on the read, and I am filled with wonder!


I highly recommend the book. It is not a long book, and it was an easy read. It is very interesting and he really relates well. It would make a good Bible Study book were it could be discussed in a group. I was able to relate in my own way, and it really makes me think about life in our world today, and some of the amazing things I have myself seen, and wondered about. I really enjoyed it.


This is a great book! I love books about end times, and uncovering truths in the bible that no ever talk’s about. It only took me three days to read! once you pick it up you will not want put it down!


Quarterman certainly did his homework on this controversial subject. He systematically built his case for the reality and plans of our common supernatural enemy with clarity and easy to understand language. Fallen Angels is a well written and thought provoking book.

Josh B.

CK’s latest work is a masterpiece – a brilliant weave of intellect and smarts, catering to the expert and the layman.

On a personal note – as a researcher,  I often wonder why so many Christians disregard the repeated warnings in the red letter Bible.  If Christ said it, should we not heed it?  We preach the Love of God, yet we’re not loving enough to warn those we love.

This book gives one a subtle warning poke in the side, wakening and sharpening the senses.  We are indeed heading into perilous times, as in the Days of Noah.  CK has done a marvelous job of equipping the saints for the road ahead.

– A must read,  JoshB

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