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Mankind has always deceived itself.

Written By: CK Quarterman - Oct• 03•11

Herd Mentality

Most people think of themselves as individualists, as people who come to a conclusion based upon sound reason and the facts they are given, not because they are simply following other people or

another person’s opinion. Most people see themselves as leaders when in fact they are followers. The sad fact is that history has shown that people have a herd mentality. People prefer to follow one another like cattle.

A herd mentality can be seen in beliefs propagated by today’s gurus–beliefs such as “the market will resume its upward march, thereby rewarding all those who have kept the faith,” “real estate is always a good investment,” “real estate will always keep gaining value,” and “invest in stocks for the long run.” All such beliefs prove people are followers; in the face of contrary facts, it proves even further that they are not only followers but are participating in a mass delusion. Mass delusion has become the national norm. People want to believe politicians, think that things will always work out right in the long run, and hope that the economy is going to get better. People want to believe what they hear on television. They want to be told by the “experts” and “gurus” how to live and what to believe. They want assurance that no matter how they live or what they do, there will be no repercussions. Being uncritical and non-judgmental is the unspoken norm, and to oppose someone’s manner of life, his beliefs, or his relationships is to be politically incorrect. The fact is that it has now become illegal to voice an opposition to someone’s manner of life, and it is now called a hate-crime


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