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How Tall Were the Giants in the Bible?

Written By: CK Quarterman - Oct• 03•13

The pseudepigraphical Book of Jubilees, when speaking of Og’s kingdom of Rephaim, measures the giants from the size of 10 feet to 15 feet tall.

Jubilees 29:9
But before they used to call the land of Gilead the land of the Rephaim; for it was the land of the Rephaim, and the Rephaim were born (there), giants whose height was ten, nine, eight down to seven cubits. [10½ feet to 15 feet tall]

One thirteenth-century Egyptian papyrus describes bedouin nomads in Canaan as being “four or five cubits (7 to 9 feet) from their nose to their foot and have fierce faces.”

First century Jewish historian Josephus wrote about the giants in Hebron or Kiriath-arba of Canaan as giants

who had bodies so large, and countenances so entirely different from other men, that they were surprising to the sight, and terrible to the hearing. The bones of these men are still shown to this very day, unlike to any creditable relations of other men.

Josephus also wrote of a Jew named Eleazar during the time of Tiberius who was 7 cubits tall (10½ feet).

Pliny, the Roman historian wrote of a giant during the time of Claudius named Gabbaras, who was over 9 feet tall.

Greek historian Herodotus wrote of ancients finding a coffin ten feet long with human bones in it to match.

A Greek geographer, Pausanias (ca. A.D. 150) wrote of Roman soldiers diverting the river Orontes in Syria finding a coffin more than 16 feet long with a corpse the size of it inside. The Orontes flows through Mount Hermon in the land of Bashan, where the Rephaim king Og ruled.


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