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Written By: CK Quarterman - Jul• 12•11

Many today write about the approaching juggernaut of the Apocalypse, and well they should! Few however, know or understand the inescapability for this coming Apocalypse. Few know of the conspiracy which has brought us to this Apocalypse, this apex of human history. In these pages I will tell you of the conspirators. I will tell you who they are, but more importantly I will tell you what they are and from where they came. They now hide among us the ever surging mass of

Nephilim creature from Imagination

humanity. They are forever manipulating us to our own demise. They have been with us at every turning point of history working a plan known only to themselves. Occasionally one of their numbers will come to the forefront of the world arena. When one does come to the forefront the world shivers, and their names are forever added to the list of the infamous.

The world is in a slumber, asleep with the dream of a better tomorrow. While dark forces of Fallen Angels are arrayed against us, as in the Days of Noah. They now hide among us, the ever surging mass of humanity, manipulating us to our own demise. This book explores the subjects of the Days of Noah, Nephilim, Giants, Fallen Angels, UFO’s, and Alien Encounters. The end of the world as we know it is about to take place. A storm is gathering, so terrible as to cause men’s hearts to fail them for fear, as Fallen Angels are mating with humans, creating modern day Nephilim. We approach the inescapability of this coming Apocalypse, unaware and unarmed against the Nephilim, which are hybrids, alive in history and today, fathered by The Watchers. They ( Fallen Angels) appear in UFO’s and alien abductions, where they deceive mankind into the belief that they are from distant stars, calling themselves Star Gods!


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