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Fallen Angels in Lovelock Nevada: Nephilim Children of Fallen Angels

Written By: CK Quarterman - Sep• 03•11
The Indian Caves

Fallen Angels in Lovelock Nevada

In 1911 there was found a horseshoe shape cave 20 miles from Lovelock Nevada 35 feet deep and 150 feet long.  It is thought that this cave was formed from natural limestone during prehistoric times. A company mining bat guanofrom deposits 4 to 5 feet deep for the farming industry found a variety of artifacts at the bottom of the pile.

Archaeologists determined that the cave was inhabited off and on for a period of nearly 10,000 years. There were found baskets, nets, and stone knives, sandals, fishing line with bone hooks, clothes and a variety of other artifacts including a calendar stonewith 365 notches. The same number of days found in our modern calendar!

The Paiute Indians tell a story of red haired giants that inhabited the area (what we know to be Nephilim, the children of fallen angels), and eventually driving the last remaining giants into this cave where they set fire near the entrance, then shooting the giants as they attempted to escape.

The Paiute Indians stated that these white giants had been living in the area before they had arrived and were cannibalistic preferring to dine on the Paiutes whenever possible. The Paiutes called these giants the “Si-Te-Cah” meaning tule-eaters. Tule being a fibrous water plant the giants used to weave reed mats and rafts, which they used to navigate a close by ancient lake.

The Paiutes stated that these Si-Te-Cah where 12 feet tall, and violent. After many years of warfare it was determined that, all the tribes in the area must band together to fight them. At this point they did so, and drove the giants into the cave and set fire to the entrance.

There was some doubt to the stories of the Si-Te-Cah until these artifacts were found, and later two large skeletons found in the dry lakebed gave even more creditability. It then began to become apparent that there was truth to these stories.

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