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Bloggers Get A Free Copy Of Fallen Angels

Written By: CK Quarterman - Feb• 27•12

Would you like a free review copy of our new book, Fallen Angels: Giants, UFO Encounters, And The New World Order ?

Fallen Angels

If you are a blogger, and have a Blog this offer has at least three benefits to you:

  1. Free copy of our book: We will send you a free copy of our book in PDF.
  2. Content resources for your blog: We will provide you with free resources to use in your review. These include things like cover art, video and audio clips.
  3. External links to your blog: We will provide a link back to your review of the book. As you may know, external links are what drive up ranking in Google. In general, the more links the better.

Bloggers with a Blog (Not FaceBook, Twitter or Tumble) must write a 200 word review upon their Blog. The review can be positive or negative, it must however be based on the entire book. Post your review on your Blog and on one of any of the consumer retail websites (,,, Please mention as part of every review that the publisher has provided you with a complimentary copy of the book.

Here is our recommendation for the structure of each review:


For the title of your post please include the title of the book and the author.

Summary (50-100 words)

Please make sure your summary is in the first few sentences of the review.

  • What is this book about? What’s the overall gist of the message or topic?
  • Summarize the message of the book in 3 or 4 sentences.

Your Reactions (100-150 words) Was this book interesting to you? Did it challenge, inspire, or enlighten you in any way?  Did the author make you think? Did the author hold your attention? Was the information presented in a cohesive, yet appealing manner?  Did the author successfully convey Biblical truth? Would you recommend this book to others?

 Bloggers Fill Out Our Contact Form Below. You must include your Blog address. Submitters will be picked and notified weekly. All Submitters must have US addresses.

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