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Ancient Cave Paintings of Nephilim and Fallen Angels

Written By: CK Quarterman - Aug• 08•11

Cave paintings of Nephilim children of Fallen Angels and the Daughters of Adam


Why did ancient-man need to live in caves? Were they afraid of their world? Their observations of the world outside was left to us in the paintings of their caves from the many genetic-monstrosities created by the fallen angels mating with the daughters of men as reveled in Genesis 6:4. All of these Nephilim are drawn with large privy members, remember Enoch‘s description of the Fallen Angels descending upon MT. Harmon? It seems the Nephilim inherited this characteristic from their fathers the Fallen Angels.

The cliffs of Qikertaaluk Island and its surroundings depict horned faces. In 1970, excavations at Bylot Island’s Button Point turned up two large masks carved from driftwood and painted with ochre: one of the pair showed a visage of “nearly demonic power and fierceness” which resembled the petroglyphs.



New Research November 8, 2011

Ice age painters really did paint what they saw, say scientists!

Genetic analysis has settled speculation over whether cave art in France represented reality or had some other significance. During the last ice age, 25,000 years ago, a man painted spotted horses on the walls of caves at what is now Pech Merle, France.

Did this prehistoric painter paint his surroundings? Or did he paint for some other purpose, perhaps religious? Until now, researchers had generally thought that wild horses of the period were solid black not spotty. Now a new genetic analysis shows that the ancient painter was taking little artistic license, but was in fact painting what he saw.

Ancient Cave Paintings of Nephilim

Ancient Cave Paintings of Nephilim




Nephilim Giants










Nephilim Giants

Nephilim Giants

June 6th 2012

Today some ancient rock art was discovered that not only depict otherworldly type beings, but they are drawn in the act of having sex. The intricate paintings depict strange looking and rather large men having relations with women. There is a very good likelihood of this art having been drawn at the time the Nephilim were on the earth. Be aware that this photo shows  large men in the petroglyphs and they all sport something else that is extremely large, too. Characteristics of Fallen Angels and Nephilim as mentioned in 1Enoch.

“And the Lord summoned those first seven white men, and he commanded them to bring before him beginning with the first star that had preceded those stars whose organs were like the organs of horses, and they brought all of them before him.” (1 Enoch 90:21)









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