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Testimony of “DC”

Written By: CK Quarterman

Hello, I would like to share with you a true Testimony of what The Lord Jesus Christ did for me.

I moved into a Haunted demonic home, we had no where else to go as it was provided by My Husband’s job when we relocated for My Husband’s job. It did not take even a week for picture caught of demonactivity to begin.It Got worse as time went on. We lived there for 5 years. I had 3 Paranormal teams come in, all got exceptional evidence. But none could get it to leave. Finally I found a Demonolgest online who seemed to know all the answers. I studied under him for about 5 years. Trying to understand what I was up against. He taught me a lot about the Demonic how to identify who they were and what they have come after. Well things continued to get worse. Then I began to see this man was not of God though he was a Minster of God.

I needed help things were out of control. My Family and friend’s were being attacked as well as myself. He decided to set up a Christian Demonolgest to come to my home to get rid of it. All that did was make it worse. We moved from that house and what was there followed us to another Home. The Huanting continued for another 2 years.

I was on Facebook I met a man Named Dr CK Quaterman. I saw he was a minster I asked him a Question one day. Well The next thing I knew I was calling to his Prayer group on the phone. Him and His group confronted each Demon and it was defeated! My Deliverance is just Days Old so I am still struggling within myself. But The Lord came that night and he gave me Freedom from this awful Abominations that were plaguing me. He brought forth each one to be confronted and defeated In Our Holy Lord Jesus Christ!

Jesus Loves us no matter how much we sin, If we are truly trying and love and believe in him those sins are forgiven. I have never known the freedom I do now. As I thought this all started in that one home, It actually had been with me my whole life but I was unaware of it.

Jesus Christ is the only way to defeat Evilness!!! Trust in him Believe in him! Threw Him all things are possible! I feared I was going to have to live with this torment my whole life!

I thank you Lord Jesus for meeting these wonderful Christian’s and most of all I thank you for loving us as you do, hearing our prayers and using others to help each other in your name Lord! I Love you MY Holy Savior with all my heart and will forever walk in you!

Demons & Deliverance (Paperback)

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