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Abduction Counseling / Sleep Paralysis

Written By: CK Quarterman

Stop Alien Abduction / Stop Sleep Paralysis


If aliens have abducted you, or you experience sleep paralysis and you do not wish it to continue, contact us, we are Christian counselors.

We counsel with you to terminate the alien abduction experience, as a life pattern.  You absolutely DO NOT have to “live with abduction experiences.”

Alien UFO

2% of Americans claim to have had an abduction experience. That seems small until you you do the math. That number is 62 MILLION people.

The terms alien abduction describe “subjectively real memories of being taken secretly against one’s will by entities and subjected to complex physical and psychological procedures. Typical claims involve being subjected to a forced medical examination of their reproductive organs.

Sometimes abductions are psychic, and not physical.

Sleep paralysis can be caused by many things some natural and some paranormal. We will work with you to stop sleep paralysis.

An alien abduction experience can cause sleep paralysis as well as drugs such as Ativan and demonic attack. Our bodies are designed to disconnect during certain stages of sleep, so that we do not injure ourselves while dreaming. This is when we are most vulnerable to attack by outside malicious forces. These beings simply capitalize on our physiology to attack us.

These malicious forces are for real, they can abduct you, and they can have sex with both men and women as they sleep, if you have encountered this situation, contact us. We can help you stop it.

Regarding ‘Old Hag’ Syndrome, I believe it has been overly explained away by sleep paralysis. While I conced that many incidents are indeed associated with this medical disturbance, I believe that Hag (demonic) attacks are a separate phenomenon. In fact, there are references in China to a “pressing ghost” written some 5,000 years ago, and similar records in across the world, which did not mention the sleep state. Hags (this type of demon) are shadow or spirit entities that seem to live off the unhappiness of other people, and particularly target women.

Sleep Paralysis

Natural causes of sleep paralysis:

  • Sleeping in a face upwards or supine position
  • Increased stress
  • Excessive consumption of alcohol coupled with lack of adequate sleep
  • Drugs

Paranormal causes of sleep paralysis:

  • Demons
  • Inter-dimensional or astral transportation
  • Fallen Angels masquerading as aliens
  • Psychic Rape


Sleep Paralysis

Malicious forces set-up bonding dramas between a few, otherwise normal people. Some people find themselves thrown into harmful obsessive relationships orchestrated by malicious forces.

The term “Love Bite” is used to describe a particular type of demonic interference in the lives of humans; specifically, the interference in human erotic and romantic relationships a “psychic rape,” if you would. The sufferer is abducted, and then manipulated to a targeted love partner chosen by the Fallen Angels. Co-habiting, the two individuals find themselves in fanatical relationships. The effects of the “psychic rape,” lead to violent divorces, and sudden urges to marry complete strangers. These Fallen Angels and demonic beings harvest human emotional energy.

This intrusion in passionate relationships is painful and often leaves behind a catastrophic emotional penalty for the people involved. Everyone in a relationship deals with difficulties, but it appears the human erotic and romantic relationship interference in abductee relationships represents a separate modality. The Fallen Angels and demons seem to pick out a subset of abductees who are abducted as children and re-abductions continue through life. A couple when “bonded” and abducted and then meet each other in normal life, one or both individuals will experience very obsessive and controlling behaviors toward each other. These relationships are short lived or impossible to complete, leaving one partner feeling painfully reciprocated. Some of the symptoms of this bonding drama might be unusual illnesses, lifetime difficulties with keeping relationships, and infidelity caused by Fallen Angel manipulation.

Malicious forces are extremely interested in “psychic rape,” in the emotional energy created in these harmful obsessive relationships. Abductees report being watched during romantic relationships. In addition, they can actually sense and sometimes even see the demonic beings. These “malicious forces – aliens” watching them and “drawing off” the emotions the couple is experiencing.

Even within the abduction research community, this is a taboo subject. The interference in human relationships is a subject that every serious abduction researcher should consider. We are here to help!


They are surrounded by paranormal experiences.
• Apparitions of beings appearing in home
• Seeing black helicopters;
• grey beings; missing time; wake up with marks on body;
• dreams about being in military bases;
• shadow people being in room;
• seeing light orbs; sexually abused by spirit beings; pyramids;
• all seeing eye; waking up in a space ship;
• seeing strange beings;
• remote viewing; reptilian beings; doing surgeries;
• seeing demonic creatures in black hooded cloaks;
• seeing things with eyes closed;
• being electrocuted; something put on forehead excruciating pain;
• doing rituals over the person;
• beams of light, colors of beams, green, red, blue, etc. ghost-like figures.

Abduction Related Anomalies:

Missing Time

Nightmares or vivid dreams of Aliens

Physical marks or evidence or bodily manipulation.

Repeated sightings of Alien craft

Clear remembrance of Alien contact and interaction.

Reactions of fear, anxiety or unusual bodily sensations upon viewing visual images of Aliens

Feelings of having had a communication.

UN-explained behavior totally inconsistent with previous patterns.

Scars or geometric forms visually present on the body

Shaking of the bed, in conjunction with the limbs of the their body floating or rising

Out of body experiences

Sudden development of ESP


End Time Ministries & Fallen Angels

We provide FREE  help as a Christian counseling ministry, and we do not practice any form of professional mental health counseling subject to licensing. We counsel and share the principles and dynamics of the Christian faith. This is a non-binding spiritual assistance as provided and protected under the freedom of religion articles of the Constitution. Contacting us signifies that you agree that our assistance is non-binding to any legal repercussions for any results or lack of results thereof, and that you agree to accept pastoral Christian counseling.

Feel free to send me your questions and/or  concerns and I will address them from a biblical stand point.

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